Stand Up Paddle-boarding – SUP

Stand-up Paddleboarding or ‘SUP’ for short is one of the fastest growing waters sports in the world. Using a very large, stable board (similar to a surfboard) and a single blade paddle you can navigate your way along coastlines, rivers and lakes. Experienced riders can also surf the waves on them. You can paddle on your knees or on your feet if you have the balance. It’s a great way to experience the outdoors and an enjoyable means of getting some good exercise.

We have some amazing beaches and harbours around our Pembrokeshire coastline which are ideally suited to cater for different ability groups. There is limited equipment hire here on site. Please before going out ensure you find out all the relevant safety information required as we also have some very testing and unpredictable sea conditions.  We will always advise that you undertake this with a competent instructor and on a beach or stretch of water the is manned by RNLI Lifeguards or similarly trained personnel. Not too far here from our location are Board Games, which featured in Visit Pembrokeshire – they gave a really good insight into this new water-based sport.

Please see the RNLI link here